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Tag yogaspringasana.com

9 – 10:15am YIN Yoga

A Soothing Antidote for Your Active Lifestyle

In our society, with practically anything you need or want available 24/7 and our phones now constant companions, it’s not surprising that we often walk around in a state of physical and mental stress. Or in yoga terms, we spend most of our time in a state of YANG rather than YIN.

So what’s a helpful antidote? What can we do to neutralize life on steroids? The answer is YIN yoga. It’s sometimes called a moving meditation because slow, mindful movement is married to calming, quiet breath. Basic yoga poses keep us close to the earth, and our stabilizing sequence allows both body and mind to soften and release. Imagine floating in gentle, clear blue water…

Pre-registration not required for YIN Yoga, but it’s helpful to know if you plan to attend.

Please contact [email protected] with questions or for more information.

About Jeanne Startzman

Jeanne of Yoga Spring Asana will be leading us in this breath-centered Yin yoga class, which incorporates more relaxing floor postures. Yin Yoga is a great way to take some rest with your yoga at the end of the month. Class size is kept small for full benefit and are attended by 4 – 10 students, on average.

We would love to see you!

About Yoga Spring Asana

Yoga Spring Asana’s teaching format has evolved to one that encourages students to choose from a variety of specific-focus sessions, workshops, series, and events. You can select or request offerings that most directly speak to your heart, interest, needs, and budget.

No matter what the focus or experience level, options are offered throughout the instruction that can modify a pose so you can choose the adaptation that best meets the needs of your age, body, mood, and energy level on that day.

For private sessions, Jeanne encourages student reflection and participation. She will discuss and outline the poses with the student, that will enrich the student’s physical wellness and promote a quiet mind.

Nurture Your Body, Open Your Heart, Quiet Your Mind

Yoga Spring Asana provides a quiet, peaceful setting where yogis can nurture their bodies, open their hearts, and quiet their minds. Continuous breath-and-body awareness is practiced, and postures are approached with compassion and acceptance, rather than judgement.

Jeanne encourages each of you to come enjoy a session soon, and experience the benefits of Yoga for yourself!

Cancelled! 12 – 1:30pm YIN Yoga + Reiki…TOGETHER! Cancelled!

YIN Yoga and Reiki TogetherFind Quiet Peace with YIN Yoga

Back by popular demand! April showers bring lovely Spring flowers. And at Daylight Healing Center, April also presents the beautiful practice of Yin and Reiki, Together.

We’ll once again begin this special event with an hour of slow-paced YIN yoga, staying close to the earth and moving through grounding, lengthening poses. As muscles begin to release, you’ll also find that a quiet peace envelops your mind.

Rebalance with Reiki Healing Energy

Our sequence also includes gentle rotation and movement of joints to help preserve our mobility. Once in Resting Savasana, you’ll receive the spiritually-guided life force energy of Reiki, which is soothing and deeply healing. This is a great way to refresh for Spring!.

Jeanne is with Yoga Spring Asana. She is passionate about sharing this ancient art with others, because its effects have changed her life!

Maureen is with Open Hands Reiki. She loves healing and wants to give others the opportunity to experience Reiki for themselves.

Click HERE to register and save your spot! You will be redirected to Brown Paper Tickets.

To learn more about Maureen and Jeanne, click HERE

9 – 10:15am Breath-Centered Yoga

breath-centered yoga classWelcome to our Breath-Centered Yoga Basics class. We’ll be moving mindfully through basic poses designed to encourage overall muscle strength and stamina, and improve balance.

Taught in the Viniyoga tradition, Jeanne’s classes consist of basic yoga postures with an emphasis on breath and movement. Through poses that incorporate extensions, lateral bends, twists (no pretzels!), gentle backbends, and forward bends, the poses work to increase the mobility of the spine.


Throughout class, Jeanne offers options that can make a pose less-strong or stronger, so you can choose the adaptation that best meets the needs of your age, body, mood, and energy level on that day.

Poses are sequenced purposefully to integrate the entire body in a smooth and elegant manner. Each class includes basic postures, along with stronger poses offered with modifications that align with your level of yoga experience.


Please join us! Become acquainted with your breath and a body that moves with ease. Visit Jeanne’s website at YogaSpringAsana.com or email her at [email protected] for more information. This class is only $17/drop in, but if you come to this class and the Yin class on September 29th, the price drops to $15/class. Pay for both at this class! Bring your mat or use one of ours.