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Tag Reiki practitioners

9am – 5pm Advanced Reiki Training (ART)

Awesome Reiki Share

Advance Your Reiki Skills to the Next Level

Advanced Reiki Training is a workshop for Reiki students who have taken Reiki 2 at least 6 months prior, who practice Reiki regularly, and who desire a more in-depth study of Reiki techniques and meditations. In short, it’s for those students of Reiki who want to deepen their practice.

Combine with Reiki Master Training

Advanced Reiki Training (ART), can be taken alone, without the Master Class, for those who want to learn the Master Level symbols and take the next step in Reiki, including the attunement, but don’t want to teach Reiki at this time. It is given as a full day class/workshop, and is a prerequisite to the Reiki Master Class, which is given the following week. ART is a very fun and informative class, with lots of hands-on practice, and a wonderful attunement, which opens the student to higher-level Reiki frequencies. Both this class and the Master class are deeply healing, and combining the two classes is a double blessing. The package enables you to complete the Usui Reiki Training and Certification Program offered by Open Hands Reiki. Most students take both together.

Advanced Reiki Training covers:
  • Review of basics, questions since Reiki 2 attunement
  • Crystals and crystal grids in Reiki practice
  • The Master symbol, its meaning and uses
  • The Antahkarana
  • Reiki guides and a meditation to meet them
  • Attunement to Advanced Reiki Practitioner
  • Reiki Aura Clearing
  • Reiki Moving Meditation

Pre-registration is required! Click HERE to save your spot!


If this class is taken alone, the price is $250. The combined cost for this class plus the Reiki Master Class on the following Saturday, is $450. This Advanced Reiki Training class is a prerequisite for the Reiki Master Class. An ART manual is included, unless you register for both classes. In the latter case, you will receive the Reiki Master Manual.

Before You Sign Up for Advanced Reiki (ART)

Again, the prerequisite for Advanced Reiki Training is that you have taken a Reiki 2 class at least 6 months prior and that you practice Reiki regularly. A questionnaire is attached to the Registration site, so that you can tell me your qualifications and why you want to move forward in your Reiki path to this advanced level. Thank you!

About Reiki Master Teacher, Maureen Rivelle

Maureen Rivelle is a retired RN and active Reiki Master! She has been practicing Reiki daily on herself, her family, friends, and animals, for the past 12 years and has been blessed to be a part of many healings: physical, emotional and spiritual. Her practice, Open Hands Reiki, is located at Daylight Healing Center in Edmonds, WA., where she, and other providers, offer ongoing events. Maureen belongs to the Reiki Healing Association. Visit her Facebook page, Yelp and Google reviews under Open Hands Reiki, and her blog. She’d love to share her passion for Reiki and healing with you and hopes to see you in class!

Registration: For more information and to register, click HERE

For more information on all of Maureen’s Reiki Classes, visit the Open Hands Reiki website.

7 – 9pm Awesome Reiki Share for Reiki Practitioners

Reiki Share = Awesome, Healing Energy — Multiplied!

Come celebrate your gift of Reiki with us, and practice with others who love it! Our Reiki Share is a way to both give and receive Reiki in a low-key community of acceptance and mutual respect. Reiki Share is a way to both give and receive Reiki in a low-key atmosphere of acceptance and mutual respect. If you are a certified Reiki practitioner, at the level 1, 2, Advanced or Master level, who would like to practice with other practitioners of Reiki in Daylight’s healing environment and if you would like to meet Reiki practitioners from all walks of life, this is the place for you!

Reiki Share

Come Experience and Share the Healing Energy

Reiki is Source-guided life force energy. It is a gentle, healing energy that is administered through the laying on of hands on or around the body. It feels centering and light, yet deeply calming and nourishing for the whole being.

The Reiki share leader is Maureen Rivelle, retired RN and active Reiki Master Teacher. Maureen’s teaching and private practice is called Open Hands Reiki and is located  in Edmonds, at Daylight Healing Center. Maureen has practiced Reiki since 2006 and has seen so many blessings! She also has Reiki classes coming up this month and next, so check her website for details on classes and certification!

We invite all Reiki practitioners, at any level and from any Reiki school, to join us as we give and receive this gift together

We will start with introductions and a short meditation. Then we will proceed to take turns giving and receiving Reiki from the group of practitioners.

Cost: $10

Daylight Healing Center will provide some tasty snacks, hot tea and water for you to enjoy.

Let’s practice Reiki and experience the lovely, healing energy together!

BE SURE TO ARRIVE BETWEEN 6:30 AND 7:00pm. THE DOOR WILL BE LOCKED AT 7pm to avoid interruption.

Thank you!