Tag life-force energy

Tag life-force energy

12 – 1pm Hour of Power Hump Day Meditation

Hour of Power MeditationPower Meditation: The Midday Refresher

Do you find it difficult to meditate alone? We invite you to experience the calmness that meditation offers in a group setting. In community, your experience is stronger, making it easier to get into “the zone” and power-up quickly.

In this session, you can expect to:

  • Learn and experience some self-hypnosis techniques to calm the mind, led by Registered Hypnotherapist, Lindsey Nguyen of Ascension Hypnosis Center
  • Meditate together, with some helpful guidelines before we begin
  • Experience receiving Reiki, which is Consciousness-led Life Force Energy, by Reiki Master Teacher, Maureen Rivelle, of Open Hands Reiki.

You may sit in a chair or on a cushion for this meditation. We have both or bring your own!

Refresh and Renew, Give Yourself the Gift of An Hour of Power Meditation

This event is FREE!

Click for more information about the power meditation LEADERS. To let us know you are coming (much appreciated but not mandatory!), email us at: [email protected]

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7 – 9pm Awesome Reiki Share for Reiki Practitioners

Reiki Share = Awesome, Healing Energy — Multiplied!

Come celebrate your gift of Reiki with us, and practice with others who love it! Our Reiki Share is a way to both give and receive Reiki in a low-key community of acceptance and mutual respect. Reiki Share is a way to both give and receive Reiki in a low-key atmosphere of acceptance and mutual respect. If you are a certified Reiki practitioner, at the level 1, 2, Advanced or Master level, who would like to practice with other practitioners of Reiki in Daylight’s healing environment and if you would like to meet Reiki practitioners from all walks of life, this is the place for you!

Reiki Share

Come Experience and Share the Healing Energy

Reiki is Source-guided life force energy. It is a gentle, healing energy that is administered through the laying on of hands on or around the body. It feels centering and light, yet deeply calming and nourishing for the whole being.

The Reiki share leader is Maureen Rivelle, retired RN and active Reiki Master Teacher. Maureen’s teaching and private practice is called Open Hands Reiki and is located  in Edmonds, at Daylight Healing Center. Maureen has practiced Reiki since 2006 and has seen so many blessings! She also has Reiki classes coming up this month and next, so check her website for details on classes and certification!

We invite all Reiki practitioners, at any level and from any Reiki school, to join us as we give and receive this gift together

We will start with introductions and a short meditation. Then we will proceed to take turns giving and receiving Reiki from the group of practitioners.

Cost: $10

Daylight Healing Center will provide some tasty snacks, hot tea and water for you to enjoy.

Let’s practice Reiki and experience the lovely, healing energy together!

BE SURE TO ARRIVE BETWEEN 6:30 AND 7:00pm. THE DOOR WILL BE LOCKED AT 7pm to avoid interruption.

Thank you!