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Tag Goals

4 – 7:30pm Vision Board Party Edmonds!

Vision BoardA Party to Jumpstart Your Life NOW

It’s All About the Details! In order to BE, DO or GET what you WANT, your desires must be CRYSTAL CLEAR! Vision Boards show the way!

Join us and create your own Vision Board, share yummy food, have lots of FUN and BONUS! create new Friendships!

Why Make A Vision Board In 2019?

Vision boards will:

  • Make you think about what it is you really want
  • Help you get unstuck
  • Provide you with a daily visual reminder of your dreams and goals
  • Get you all fired up emotionally
  • Are fun!

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board, also known as a dream board, is a collage representing your ideal life; your dreams, your goals, things you would like to attract into your life. Pictures, quotes and phrases out of magazines, and print images from websites, as well as your own photos, may be included in the collage. Glue the images and words onto a piece of poster board and then place it somewhere you can see it daily. The inspirational collages serve as your image of the future – a tangible example, idea or representation of where you are going. They should represent your dreams, your goals, and your ideal life.

This Party is to Shine LIGHT on the Thoughts that you have; to turn them into Plans to Put into Action and remind yourself to Live in that Moment. Every day.

What is Included?

  • ALL Supplies to Create Your Vision Board
  • Light Appetizers & Non-Alcohol Drinks
  • An Amazingly FUN Venue with the Perfect Setting & Ambiance

Pre-registration required. To reserve your spot, click HERE.

Cost is $35.00; Bring a Friend; two tickets: $50.00

What to Bring

Magazines, personal photos, trinkets to attach, frame or corkboard (board will be supplied, however you may prefer a different platform), planner, organizer

Register and we’ll connect ♥ plus, I’ll share with you a FUN Party Favor
It is time to take your dreams seriously!
Your future self will thank YOU!!

11am – 2pm Examine Your Perspective on Goals and Projects with Your Horse Partner

Come to our Wellness Ranch and join your horse partner where you will be given the opportunity to set an intention to receive clarity on a personal issue, goal or project you are working on. In this process, you may be able to view your horse partner as a metaphor for how you engage with life! You will receive guidance and input in this process from Stacy, a life coach who has been teaming horses with people for many years. She will help you to identify and focus on behavioral patterns that can help you reach your full potential.

Horse partners provide life guidance

Throughout the day, this process will help you to define your goals by attuning to your individual self, your bliss, or to whatever pulls you forward.

Please see the June 14th description for the Overview of the 3 Workshops in the Series. The Series of 3 Workshops costs $135. Each individual Workshop may be taken alone for $50. Preregistration is required via email to Stacy or phone call. 

These workshops are kept small (8 participants, maximum) to give you more individualized attention and time with your horse partner. I hope to see you there!

Stacy Lewis, MA, SRC

Equine Assisted Life Coach

Centaur Development Wellness Center Ranch

(206) 948-4026