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Tag Daylight Healing Center

7 – 9pm Singing Bowls Concert and Reiki Share Together! (For Reiki Practitioners)

Singing BowlsNOTE: This is a FRIDAY event — there is no Thursday Reiki Share in February due to it being Valentine’s Day)

Reiki and Sound Healing, together!

We are so happy to have Sarah Reilly, sound healer, come and play her singing bowls during our monthly Reiki Share.
If you are a certified Reiki practitioner, at level 1, 2, Advanced or Master level, and you would like to practice with other practitioners of Reiki in Daylight’s healing environment, and if you would you like to meet Reiki practitioners from all walks of life, this is the place for you!

Come Experience and Share Healing Energy

Reiki is Source-guided life force energy. It is a gentle, healing energy that is administered through the laying on of hands on or around the body. It feels centering and light, yet deeply calming and nourishing for the whole being. Our Reiki Share is a great way to both give and receive Reiki in a low-key atmosphere of acceptance and mutual respect.

This Reiki share leader is Maureen Rivelle, retired RN and active Reiki Master Teacher! Her teaching and private practice is called Open Hands Reiki, located in Edmonds, at Daylight Healing Center. Maureen has practiced Reiki since 2006 and has seen so many blessings!

Sarah Reilly, who is a Reiki Master herself, has been working with sound for the past several years as a way to bring about spiritual and physical transformation and healing. She is excited to bring her gifts to you! Her intention is to help us to open up to healing in a deep way during our Reiki Share tonight.

We invite all Reiki practitioners, at any level and from any Reiki school, to join us as we give and receive this gift together

We will start with introductions and a short meditation. Then we will proceed to take turns giving and receiving Reiki from the group of practitioners.

We will be putting out some tasty snacks, hot tea and water for you to enjoy.

The cost is only $10 at the door!

Let’s practice Reiki and experience the lovely, healing energies of Reiki and Sound, together!

Be sure to arrive by 7:15 PM, when the door is locked.

9am – 5pm Learn Reiki in One Day! Heal Your Friends and Yourself!

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki 1 training is a gift you give yourself, for a lifetime!

Imagine knowing that no matter what happens to you, where you go or what you believe, you will always have Reiki in your hands and heart, for deep healing and inner guidance.

Experience Pure Energy

Reiki is beautiful and pure, Universal Life Force energy that is capable of boosting spiritual growth during practice and of healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of the practitioner and recipient. It is the easiest method of healing because there aren’t any complex formulas or exercises involved in its delivery.

Heal Yourself, Heal Your Friends and Animals… Forever!

I welcome you to come, learn about Reiki, and become a practitioner of Reiki (for yourself and others, including animals!) in this relaxed atmosphere and small workshop! I like to keep these workshops to 9 people maximum, so if you can’t get into this Reiki 1 Workshop this month, be assured that I will be teaching regularly throughout the year. Please try for the next one. You may contact me prior to registration with questions by clicking here.

Reiki 1 is a fundamentals workshop

You will learn:

• the definition of Reiki

• the history of Reiki

• what Reiki can do

• introductory explanation of holistic healing

• the Three Pillars of Reiki

• the five Reiki principles or ideals of Mikao Usui sensei

• how to channel Reiki

• Chakra Energy Center Basics

• Byosen scanning of the body to find energy imbalances

• Reiki hand positions for treatment of self and others

• Kenyoku (dry bathing to remove unwanted energies)

You will receive a Usui Reiki level 1 attunement in this interactive workshop.

You will have ample practice time to become comfortable and begin to sense Reiki during a treatment.

The Reiki 1 Attunement, which you will receive in this class, will enable you to give Reiki to yourself, your family and friends for the rest of your life! It is recommended that you practice Reiki regularly, even daily, on yourself for two weeks or more before moving on to take the Reiki 2 workshop.

The cost for the workshop is $198 and includes a manual written by the International Center for Reiki Training.

Because I want to ensure that students have experienced a one-hour Reiki session for themselves, a benefit to attendance in this class is that you will receive a discounted, hour-long session with Maureen. You will receive a discount code in an email a week before class, to use for scheduling your discounted session.

Pre-registration is required! Classes fill up fast!

Reserve your space by purchasing your ticket, by clicking HERE (You will be redirected to Brown Paper Tickets). 

You can read more about Reiki on my OpenHandsReiki.com website, including questions and answers and information about me. See my reviews on YELP.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you soon in class!

– Maureen Rivelle, RMT


9am – 5pm Reiki 2 Workshop (For Reiki 1 Practitioners!)*

Reiki 2 WorkshopGrow Your Reiki Abilities

Reiki 2 is an in-depth study of Reiki for first level practitioners who want to dig deeper, grow and develop their healing abilities.

What You Will Learn

  • Some review of the Reiki 1 workshop and questions or concerns that may have come up since beginning to practice Reiki
  • Performing distant healing
  • The three Reiki 2 symbols and their uses
  • Koki-ho (sending Reiki with the breath)
  • Gyoshi-ho (sending Reiki with the eyes)
  • Usui Reiki level 2 attunement
  • Practice feeling each of the symbols while giving and receiving Reiki
  • Practice distant healing (Ekanku Chiryo)
  • Beaming
  • More in-depth look at Reiki as a tool for spiritual development and happiness
  • Jacki-kiri Joka-ho (releasing negative energy from objects)

Learn to Heal Over Distance and Time

You will be able to send Reiki to others over distance and time after this spiritually enriching class. You also will have many tools and methods to use Reiki to help others. There will be lots of practice time so you will feel proficient. We will again use the Reiki 1 and 2 manual from the International Center for Reiki Training, that you received in my Reiki 1 workshop. If you do not have one, an option is to meet some time before the class date at the Center and Maureen can give you one, so you can begin to get acquainted with the material before class. Just send Maureen an email after registering. After this class, the International Center for Reiki training recommends practicing Reiki daily for six months to a year before moving on to Advanced Reiki Training and the Reiki Master levels. Reiki shares are encouraged for all levels of practitioners.


About the Reiki 2 Instructor

Maureen Rivelle has practiced Reiki daily for 12 years, and is a Reiki Master. See her website, OpenHandsReiki.com, to read the Reiki FAQ and her bio on the Contact page.


The cost for this Reiki 2 Workshop is $225. *The prerequisite is that you have taken a Usui Reiki Level 1 class. Register for Reiki 2 HERE. Feel free to contact Maureen with any questions before class. There is a discount of $15.00 if you bring another new student who registers for this class or for Reiki 1. If you qualify for a discount, please email Maureen after registration about qualifying for your discount and she will reimburse you at class. Pre-registration is required! We’re looking forward to working with you!  (Email [email protected] prior to registering if you qualify for the discount.)

Thank you!

Maureen Rivelle
Reiki Master Teacher
Affiliate Member International Center for Reiki Training (Reiki.org)

9 – 10:15am New Year’s YIN Yoga

Yoga Spring Asana New Year YogaNew Year, New Intentions

This New Year’s YIN Yoga class invites you to set an intention for 2019… for your practice on that day, or perhaps a dedication to mindfulness and movement throughout the year.

Lengthening, relaxing poses, orchestrated by inhales and exhales, will bring you to a place of quiet and peace.

Pre-registration not required for New Year’s YIN Yoga, but it’s helpful to know if you plan to attend.

Please contact [email protected] with questions or for more information.

About Jeanne Startzman

Jeanne of Yoga Spring Asana will be leading us in this breath-centered Yin class, which incorporates more relaxing floor postures. Yin is a great way to take some rest with your yoga at the end of the month. Class size is kept small for full benefit and are attended by 4 – 10 students, on average.

We would love to see you!

About Yoga Spring Asana

Yoga Spring Asana’s teaching format has evolved to one that encourages students to choose from a variety of specific-focus sessions, workshops, series, and events. You can select or request offerings that most directly speak to your heart, interest, needs, and budget.

No matter what the focus or experience level, options are offered throughout the instruction that can modify a pose so you can choose the adaptation that best meets the needs of your age, body, mood, and energy level on that day.

For private sessions, Jeanne encourages student reflection and participation. She will discuss and outline the poses with the student, that will enrich the student’s physical wellness and promote a quiet mind.

Nurture Your Body, Open Your Heart, Quiet Your Mind

Yoga Spring Asana provides a quiet, peaceful setting where yogis can nurture their bodies, open their hearts, and quiet their minds. Continuous breath-and-body awareness is practiced, and postures are approached with compassion and acceptance, rather than judgement.

Jeanne encourages each of you to come enjoy a session soon, and experience the benefits of Yoga for yourself!

7 – 9pm Awesome Reiki Share for Reiki Practitioners

Reiki Share = Awesome, Healing Energy — Multiplied!

Start your new year with your Reiki practice as a central component of your self care! Reiki Share is a way to both give and receive Reiki in a low-key atmosphere of acceptance and mutual respect. If you are a certified Reiki practitioner, at the level 1, 2, Advanced or Master level, who would like to practice with other practitioners of Reiki in Daylight’s healing environment and if you would like to meet Reiki practitioners from all walks of life, this is the place for you!

Reiki Share

Come Experience and Share the Healing Energy

Reiki is Source-guided life force energy. It is a gentle, healing energy that is administered through the laying on of hands on or around the body. It feels centering and light, yet deeply calming and nourishing for the whole being.

The Reiki share leader is Maureen Rivelle, retired RN and active Reiki Master Teacher. Maureen’s teaching and private practice is called Open Hands Reiki and is located  in Edmonds, at Daylight Healing Center. Maureen has practiced Reiki since 2006 and has seen so many blessings!

We invite all Reiki practitioners, at any level and from any Reiki school, to join us as we give and receive this gift together

We will start with introductions and a short meditation. Then we will proceed to take turns giving and receiving Reiki from the group of practitioners.

Cost: $10

Daylight Healing Center will provide some tasty snacks, hot tea and water for you to enjoy.

Let’s practice Reiki and experience the lovely, healing energy together!

Arrive early! Doors are locked at 7:15 PM to avoid interruption.

Thank you!

7 – 8:30pm Medium Jeffrey Marks: Holiday Messages from Spirit

Jeffrey Marks Holiday SpiritBestselling award-winning author and certified evidential spiritual medium Jeffrey Marks returns to Daylight Healing Center for an evening of delivering messages from our beloved friends and family in the spirit world, letting you know that all do come together for the season.

Enliven This Special Holiday Season with Spirit

Reunite with your loved ones in spirit; they definitely wish to share in the celebration! The holidays can be hard when it comes to missing those we’ve lost, but through the power of mediumship, our beloved friends and family members on the Other Side can demonstrate that they are right there beside us, sharing the love of the holidays.

Feel the Holiday Warmth with Connection

Feel the arms of those in spirit wrap warmly around you as they recount details of their lives, memories with those still here, and what they have seen since passing. With warmth and wit, Jeffrey explains how the process of mediumship works and demonstrates that love is truly forever.

These events are always awe-inspiring, healing, and powerful. Let the festivities begin!

These events typically sell out! Pre-registration is required to reserve your seat. All sales final. No refunds after purchase.
Note: Not everyone who attends is guaranteed a reading.

What people are saying about Jeffrey’s work:

“Jeffrey has an incredible gift in connecting with loved ones who have passed over. He connected with my mother, my sister and even my cat from the Other Side. He said things that he would have no way of knowing; the nickname my mother used to call me as a child; how my sister passed; even two very specific things about my cat. It was comforting to hear from my loved ones and the validation they are still with me. It was an amazing experience!” – Kelley Wilkins

“I had a reading from Jeffrey and he is fantastic! It is a special gift and he has that gift. He got to my grandmother and members of my family. That was so cool. I would recommend him highly to anyone wanting to connect to the Other Side.” – Peggy Johnson

To learn more about Jeffrey, including private one-on-one sessions and how you can host your own intimate mediumship gathering, visit his website by clicking HERE.

Pre-registration required. Please click HERE. You will be redirected to Eventbrite.

Feeling Feelings? The Plight of Empaths

Plight of EmpathsBecause many Reiki practitioners are empaths, a common discussion among practitioners revolves around the suffering that is felt when a friend or client has an illness or is going through a situation that seems sad.

Events Can’t Be Judged

As an empath, I always try to remember that what others are experiencing is not random and cruel. I have found, paraphrasing Buddhist thought, that there’s no reason to judge every life event as either good or bad. When we see everything as good or bad, we are forgetting that whatever happens is ultimately to help us all on the path to our unique wholeness. That is, life experiences cannot be relegated to a simple judgment. Life is so vast, experiences so nuanced and varied, like multifaceted gemstones, that they need to be examined and appreciated from a deeper perspective. And that examination is the job of the experiencer, not the observer. In fact, it is utterly impossible for me, as a different person with a different past history, to truly understand how my friend is experiencing that challenge!

Everything Happens for Our Highest Good

A good question that I ask myself, when confronted with this type of situation, is if I really believe that everything that happens to us is for our highest good. If my answer is yes, that means the “bad” illness or event happening to my friend isn’t actually “bad” after all. It’s ultimately for their highest good, for their growth into wholeness. Furthermore, getting really tough with my self-questioning because I can, I ask myself, do I really believe that we have angels and spirit guides helping us? Yes, I know and have experienced the fact that nobody is exempt from that help, so even my friend who is going through the tough time, has help. I trust that.

Let the Angels Carry That Empath Weight

I then give my friend and/or client, and her situation, over into the hands of her angels, taking her off my shoulders. I have to stop carrying her because she is too heavy! Thankfully, my friend and her illness are not my responsibility. Each time I feel the burden in my heart, of another friend who is going through a challenging life event, my spirit guides show me that we were never meant to carry others in this way. So I decide to honor each person’s life process by allowing them to go through their challenges as they see fit. I can offer support and Reiki, with no expectation of resolution, just for their highest good. They do the healing themselves, in their own time, and in their own way.

Your Cup Runneth Over with Love

As you honor the unique path of others by allowing them to have their challenging life experience, without judging it, you can offer love and help without becoming overburdened yourself. You can let the emotions go through you and send love. It works! As I have done with those I love who are suffering, you may find that you need to give them over to their angels again and again, as you find yourself carrying them, because you love them. But releasing them is so worth it. Your suffering will be lessened and you’ll find an ability to stay balanced and centered. In turn, your cup remains full so you can share the support you enjoy yourself.

7-8pm Awesome Healing SOUND BATH with Sarah and Brent Reilly

Sound Bath bells, and drums

Immerse Yourself in Transformative Sounds that Heal your Body, Mind and Spirit

Rejuvenate yourself with sound as Sarah and Brent Reilly play an hour-long improvised Sound Bath concert with shamanic drumming, crystal singing bowls, planetary gongs and chimes. You will experience stress relief and physical and mental healing, as well as have an opportunity to clear any energetic blockages. It’s an amazing experience!

Register HERE Now to Secure Your Sound Bath Spot

Plan for Comfort

Please wear comfortable clothes, and bring anything you will need to lie comfortably for an hour on your back, such as a yoga mat, blankets, bolsters or an eye pillow.
Sarah and Brent of Soundbath

Meet Your Sound Bath Hosts

Sarah and Brent Reilly have been working with sound for the past several years as a way to bring about spiritual and physical transformation and healing. They are excited to bring their gifts to you! Their intention is to help facilitate a safe, healing space for whatever may come up emotionally or physically.

Only 16 Spots Available! Register Early — Sound Baths Fill Up Fast!

Make your reservation now by clicking HERE!!!
(You’ll be redirected to Brown Paper Tickets!)

2 – 4pm SOULPRINT: Your Core Secret Identity and Master Key to Success on Earth

SoulprintAre you ready to remember who you REALLY came here to be — before the world got its hands on you?

And how to make that actually work for your life here and now?

Rediscover your core “secret identity” — your personal SoulPrint, the Master Key to your purpose, gifts, desires, challenges — and the powers to set yourself free and live as you originally intended, even on this wild and glitchy planet!

In this experiential workshop you will:

–Discover what a SoulPrint is and specifically, what yours is

–Learn how your SoulPrint translates into your unique body type, habits, relationships, and life challenges

–Go on a guided journey to your Soul’s “Home” in the spiritual realms

–Learn simple, practical tips and tools to harmonize your SoulPrint with your Earth life so you can reframe your life and create the success your Soul designed for you

Dress comfortably, bring water bottle and journal, and be ready to truly “come home” to your Soul at last!

Workshop cost: $50
Tickets at https://soulprint.brownpapertickets.com/

Presented by Susan Sinclair, The Unboxed Oracle

Susan is a Reiki Master, spiritual healer, and Soul Energy Expert. She knew from childhood that she was “from elsewhere,” and once she learned her own “secret identity,” her life finally started making sense and feeling good! Susan has studied with top healers and energy experts to develop her unique SoulPrint reading skills and profound healing practices. Susan’s mission is to guide people to remember and live from the power of their Souls, so they can stop being afraid of life and find success (and joy!) on their own terms. http://susansinclair.org

What Holds You Back Isn’t Real

Truth lies within

We tend to see yogis, lamas, and other spiritual leaders as being in a class all their own. “That level of spirituality is unattainable for me!,” we think. We may feel “less than” and unworthy. We lament, “For God’s sake, the sheer amount of work involved to get there must be an insurmountable amount of sweat and sacrifice!” We have so many issues and ideas that stop us dead in our tracks from traversing our path of heart, our own spirituality.

Just Step Forward

But what if I were to tell you that all that holds you back is baloney? What if you were assured that all those ideas about spiritual attainment were false? What if that lama, yogi or spiritual leader gave you a pass to all that awaits you as you step forward into your own wholeness? “Just step forward,” the spiritual leader says. “Step.” That’s it.

Why do we believe that coming into our innate wholeness and balance in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being, is hard? Who told us that? Who told us that we don’t have the power within ourselves to evolve in every area of life, naturally? Who said that our spirituality can be found only from meditating for hours, for years? Who said you were less than or unworthy? Why do you feel your depression, anxiety, or physical illness stops you on your path? Why are all the answers offered us to help us walk our path, costly and difficult? Who benefits?

Hmmm, maybe we all were sold a bill of goods. My guidance has shown me that our answers are within each of us. We all have access to that guidance and life direction.

Your Body Holds the Truth

Let’s try an experiment. Below are some statements, which I ask you to check for truthfulness by saying them to yourself and seeing how your body responds. After each statement, if your body gets tight or tense and uncomfortable, it’s baloney, or not true. If it feels neutral or good, and you have tingles or feel relaxed, that’s your body saying it’s a true statement.

  1. My natural way of being is whole and healthy.
  2.  I don’t have the answers. Other people have the answers for me.
  3. My loving heart will lead me to my health. My body and spirit have my answers.
  4. I am unable to access what’s good for me and what my body and soul need.
  5. I am capable of finding what I need to thrive.
  6. I am not connected to spirit, and I need someone to connect me to spirituality.
  7. I am connected to Life and Love.
  8. Spirituality is all about love, and love is my natural, core way of being.

I have experienced this, that our bodies hold our truth. We feel good when we are on the path of heart. By doing exercises such as this one, we are tapping into our own spiritual and innate intelligence by listening to our bodies. Our bodies are connected to our spirits. Our spirits are connected to the eternal fountain of Life, which is an integral part of who we are.

May you find your truth in the silence of your own innate knowing.