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Tag breathing

1 – 3pm The Power of Your Breath

The Power of Your Breath in Creating Well-being

“Are you breathing just a little and calling it a life?” – Mary Oliver

Change your breathing, change your life!

Experience how to use the power of the breath to enhance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. You’ll learn breathing techniques discovered by great healers from ancient traditions 10,000 years ago that have now been validated by modern science. Change your breathing, change your life.

Ancient techniques, scientifically proven to be effective

Come ready to practice breathing techniques. You’ll learn why the breath is such an incredibly powerful tool and the only function in our body that can trigger our autonomic nervous system to shift our mood, improve sleep, performance, focus, overall health and more.

No Experience Necessary

It’s best to not have a full stomach although a light lunch is fine. No experience necessary.

$45. To Register, Click HERE.

Questions? Contact Ahna at [email protected]

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6 – 7:30pm Learning to Breathe: Benefits of Five Element Breathing

Learn to Breathe

Diffuse anxiety and stress, relieve neck and back pain, and improve abdominal strength!

Use Breathing Patterns to Restore a Healthy Balance

In East Asian medicine, each emotion corresponds to an organ. Stuck emotions are a leading cause of imbalance in the associated organs, resulting in physical pain and illness throughout the body. Using different breathing patterns helps to restore balance in the body and even protect it from future injury. Re-learn how to breath for your health.

Fee: $25 per person.

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(646) 926 – 2688