Tag Ascension Hypnosis Center

Tag Ascension Hypnosis Center

2 – 4:30pm Stress Buster Workshop

Stress buster workshopBust Through Your Stress and Discover a Newfound Sense of Inner Peace

This stress buster workshop is designed to help you learn how to Dissolve Stress and use the power of Hypnosis and Meditation to Create the Powerful Life That You Desire! Participants come out of this workshop feeling relaxed, empowered and recharged! Come on out and prepare to have a good time, connect, learn more about hypnosis and meditation, Let Go of Your Stress and Refocus on Your Goals.

Take Back Control of Your Life

Learn what it takes to take back control of your life, change how you think about stress and use the body’s own stress response to empower your inherent greatness within with the help of hypnosis!

Learn these Top Stress Buster Techniques:

You will learn how to:

  • Apply meaning and have an awareness of stress
  • Recharge in minutes, not hours or days
  • Retrain your brain, utilizing the latest techniques from the field of neuroscience
  • Shift to resilient, strategic thinking necessary to move you forward each and every day
  • Ignite your power to create
  • Use hypnosis to resolve internal and external stress

Come Prepared to Relax!

Dress comfortably and be prepared to be super relaxed. Please arrive about 15 minutes early so we can make the most of the time we have together.

Pre-registration required. Take back control of your life by clicking HERE to secure your spot at this life-changing event! Limited seating, so register soon!

Cost: $35; Bring a Friend — Two tickets $50

To learn more about Hypnotherapy or to schedule a FREE 45min. Hypnosis Consultation, visit our website: Ascension Hypnosis Center

To learn more about Lindsey, click HERE.

11:11am – 3:33pm 5th Annual OPEN HOUSE

Daylight Healing Center 5th Annual Open House5th Annual OPEN HOUSE!


This is our annual get together with all our practitioners, and YOU! It’s your chance to talk with us about each of our unique and powerful healing methods and see how we can help “Raise you Up”!

Helping You Live Your Best Life…Every Day!

Here at Daylight Healing Center, we are celebrating 5 years of service and healing to the Edmonds community and beyond! The Sky’s the Limit! We continue to provide a diverse offering of healing modalities: Reiki, Yoga, Hypnosis, PSYCH-K and Life Coaching, Singing Bowls Sound Baths, Mediumship demos, and more! We also offer a variety of workshops, all with the intent of helping you live your best life!

Like the air around you, it’s FREE!

Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Healers

Join us! Come have some FUN, MEET your friendly neighborhood healers, LEARN more about our services and events, ENJOY complimentary services, snacks, and win se prizes!

Many of our practitioners will be offering FREE DEMOS and DISCOUNTS for our services and workshops – to event attendees ONLY!

We are looking forward to seeing YOU at our DHC Open House!

12 – 1pm Hour of Power Hump Day Meditation

Hour of Power MeditationPower Meditation: The Midday Refresher

Do you find it difficult to meditate alone? We invite you to experience the calmness that meditation offers in a group setting. In community, your experience is stronger, making it easier to get into “the zone” and power-up quickly.

In this session, you can expect to:

  • Learn and experience some self-hypnosis techniques to calm the mind, led by Registered Hypnotherapist, Lindsey Nguyen of Ascension Hypnosis Center
  • Meditate together, with some helpful guidelines before we begin
  • Experience receiving Reiki, which is Consciousness-led Life Force Energy, by Reiki Master Teacher, Maureen Rivelle, of Open Hands Reiki.

You may sit in a chair or on a cushion for this meditation. We have both or bring your own!

Refresh and Renew, Give Yourself the Gift of An Hour of Power Meditation

This event is FREE!

Click for more information about the power meditation LEADERS. To let us know you are coming (much appreciated but not mandatory!), email us at: [email protected]

To learn about all our services, visit our home page.

10am – 2pm 4th Annual OPEN HOUSE!


Daylight Healing Center has added some new health practitioners this year, and we really want you to meet them! And those of us who have been here all along would love to get reacquainted with you! 
If that’s not enough incentive, we’ll be offering DISCOUNTS and drawings for FREE PRIZES!


  • DRAWINGS for free prizes!!
  • Find out how NATURAL, HOLISTIC HEALING and energy work may seriously assist you in your life!
  • See how HYPNOSIS can help you relax and get in tune with your inner guru. 
  • Discover how yoga enables you to AGE GRACEFULLY!
  • Get a FREE PULSE DIAGNOSIS from Joie, our East Asian Medicine provider! 
  • See how Alyssa’s massage practice can help provide RELIEF to your back, neck and other types of pain, and get a FREE 10-MINUTE MASSAGE!
  • Have your eyes opened to the WONDERS of East Asian Medicine and the many ways, including acupuncture, it can help you balance your digestion and other health challenges, and keep you beautiful!
  • Get INSPIRATION from a free, handmade paper crane with a quote inside!
  • Talk horses and EQUINE LEARNING with Stacy!
  • ENJOY COMMUNITY! Get to meet, talk with and maybe even give and receive a little squeeze from your Daylight providers and other Journeyers like you, in the Daylight Community!
Love our Open House!Come join the fun, MEET your friendly neighborhood healers, LEARN more about our services and events, ENJOY complimentary services, and win FREE prizes!

We are looking forward to seeing you at our DHC Open House, 10am – 2pm June 24th!

Event hosts: Maureen Rivelle, RN, RMT of Open Hands Reiki; Jeanne Startzman, CYI of Yoga Spring; Alyssa Owen, LMP of Olympic Massage Therapy;, Joie Jacala, EAMP, L.Ac., MSTOM of Zenjoy Health and Beauty; Lindsey Nguyen, Registered Hypnotherapist of Ascension Hypnosis Center; Elizabeth Stewart, PSYCH-K Facilitator of Guided Alignment; and Dara Wagner, Reiki Master. All of us will be here Celebrating Daylight Healing Center’s 4th year of service to our community! Join us!