Our Healing Center Providers

Welcome! We are a group of dedicated and qualified practitioners of different healing arts, all drawn together with one goal and purpose…to bring healing to our community in the time-honored, caring way. We frequently host guest speakers, so check our EVENTS page for updates on offerings each month. This is a place to slow down from your hectic pace and begin to get back in touch with your own internal ability to heal and balance yourself.

Maureen Rivelle, Reiki Master, Services provider - Reiki

Maureen Rivelle, Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher

Services: Maureen is a Reiki Master Teacher and practitioner. During her intuitively-guided sessions, she also uses sound, essential oils and crystals to help balance the body/mind/spirit. She receives guidance that you can use in your daily life to continue healing on your own after the session is completed. Maureen also leads Reiki workshops through the Master level, so you can learn to do Reiki for yourself and your loved ones, has a Spirit Immersion Program to help you deepen your spiritual practice, and joyfully manages Daylight Healing Center!

Contact Information

Phone: 425.409.9594
Website: OpenHandsReiki.com
Email: Please send me an email through the Open Hands Reiki website, above. Thank you!
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Jeanne Startzman, Certified Yoga Instructor, Services provider - Yoga

Jeanne Startzman, CYI

Services: Jeanne is a group and individual yoga instructor. She has been dedicated to her yoga practice for thirteen years , including being an instructor for the past eight. She teaches a form of mindful, breath-centered yoga that has a profound effect upon a person’s body and mind. Muscle tension is relieved and stress is reduced ─ while strength, flexibility and peace are attained. With pose modifications offered throughout class, Jeanne invites you to step onto your yoga mat and “start where you are.”

Contact Information

Phone: (425)418-7858
Website: YogaSpringAsana.com

Lindsey Nguyen, hypnotherapist, services provider of Ascension Hypnosis Center

Lindsey Nguyen, Hypnotherapist

Services:  Depression and Anxiety: Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we experience in our lives. Through hypnosis work, including self -hypnosis, we are able to help you recover the motivation, perspective, and joy, that you once had in life.

Trauma and PTSD: Many individuals experience distressing symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances. Anxiety, fear, and hopelessness are a few emotions that can linger after traumatic events. We can help you overcome these symptoms and guide you through a series of hypnosis sessions tailored to your specific needs.

Relationships: Relationships are one of the most important areas that bring happiness and meaning to our lives. When relationships breaks down, they cause problems and unhappiness within us. Weather it’s relationships with family, friends, colleagues or couples, with hypnosis we can help people feel more fulfilled, have better communication, better understanding, stay connected, and even have more romance and happiness.

Weight Loss/Management: Hypnosis is a proven way to change old habits!  Your hypnotherapist will take the time to learn about you and how you relate to food as well as help you uncover any other deeper issues related to your problem.

Modify Habits: Hypnosis is a tool that can help you, just like it has helped millions of other people, to take back control and to modify habits such as: Nicotine Addiction
Drug Abuse
Alcohol Abuse
Gambling Addiction

Anger and Abuse:
Anger Issues
Abuse Issues
Mood Management

Getting Your Life Together: Procrastination, Organization, Motivation

Confidence: Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Shyness

Public Speaking: Performance, Public Speaking, Stage Fright

Check out Lindsey’s website, Ascension Hypnosis Center, for more details on the types of services she offers at Daylight!

Contact Information

Phone: 206.487.8444 Website: AscensionHypnosisCenter.com.com


“I love it!  Before coming to Ascension Hypnosis center, I was going through a lot with getting over my ex girlfriend after a complicated breakup. I was dealing with the effect of it from confidence issue to feeling the lack of control in my life.  Lindsey, the hypnotherapist, was able to guide me through the process of realizing my purpose, self-worth, and what makes me happy and complete with detailing my habits to take actions and hypnosis exercise to change and transform my perspective and mentality. I feel much more confident in myself and my ability to take control of my life. I am more than happy with my results from the work that I did at Ascension Hypnosis Center.” ~ Dr. K. N.,  Chiropractor

Elizabeth Stewart -- Life Coach

Elizabeth Stewart, BA   –    PSYCH-K and Gottman Leader

Services offered: Your life is a reflection of your beliefs.  As a Coach, Elizabeth works with individuals to help them gain clarity on exactly what they want; on how they want to FEEL.  Essentially, she is a Facilitator of Health and Happiness!  Together, we use the energy modality, PSYCH-K®, to transform stress and limiting beliefs at the subconscious level.

Change your thoughts, change your life!

“The ‘secret to life’ is BELIEF.  Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives.”  ~ Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief.  Elizabeth believes (based on scientific evidence) that all dis-ease is a result of stress (conscious or subconscious).  Our bodies are  amazing communicators and we should be thankful for any aches, pains and conditions as they are just messages.  What is your body trying to tell you? Sessions can be conducted in person at Daylight Healing Center or remotely using Zoom/SKYPE.  Both are equally effective!


“What we did in our session gave me a sense of inner strength.  It’s like the foundation on which I stand is finally firm.  Well after our session, I still feel great, centered and strong.” ~ Amanda in Washington

“Since I started working with Elizabeth several months ago, I’ve experienced profound positive changes in my life. She has a gift for finding deep limiting beliefs and bringing them to light in a safe, positive way. Elizabeth is so kind and easy to work with and I am so grateful to her for all that she has helped me with. I look forward to each and every session with her. Thank you, Elizabeth!” ~ Erika in New Hampshire

Contact Information

Phone: 425.835.2163

E-Mail: [email protected]gmail.com

Website: www.GuidedAlignment.com

Elle Gulotta, Services - Healing Medium, Teacher and Certified Grief Specialist

Elle Gulotta, Healing Medium, Teacher and Certified Grief Specialist

Services offered: Elle began her life with an early awareness of the spirit world. Known for her deep love of Spirit and her compassionate nature, she is a natural and inspiring teacher for personal growth and the development of one’s intuitive gifts.

Elle offers spiritual development classes and workshops, as well as private client consultations and sessions. She also specializes in Soul and Wellness Readings, Spirit Communication for Healing, and Soul Work for Navigating Life. Elle currently is mentoring with world-renown British medium & teacher, Tony Stockwell, and has trained with several master teacher mediums from around the world. Her ongoing events are held at Daylight Healing Center and throughout the Pacific Northwest. She also offers online workshops. For more information about Elle and her services, please visit her website: ellegulotta.com


“You are such a gem & I’m so grateful for our connection. Tonight was another incredible experience and I truly cannot thank you enough for sharing your gifts. I’m basking in a sea of gratitude.” ~ Crystal

“I can’t begin to express my love and appreciation of you! Our session was so much more than I expected – or ever hoped for.  Just being in your presence gives me hope and strength to keep going. My future actually looks clear now, for the first time.” ~ Julieann F.

“Elle has such a beautiful way of creating sacred space and connecting to spirit. We recently had the gift of being led through one of Elle’s group sessions and it was nothing short of transformative. She is incredibly gifted at what she does, offering powerful insights and understanding in such a gentle and thoughtful way. Our individual messages held so much truth and resonance. The care that she put into each of our readings was deeply moving and heartfelt and the result was the unique validation and shift that each of us had been needing.” ~ ST

“I just wanted to tell you that I re-listened to my session with you yesterday as I have been needing some wisdom outside of myself. I found it to be a great comfort and spot on with some things I would be facing in December” ~ Michael

“W O W!  WOW!  W O W!  WOW!  W O W!  WOW!  W O W!  WOW!  W O W!  WOW!  W O W!  WOW!  W O W!  WOW!  W O W!  WOW!  W O W!  WOW!  W O W!  WOW!  W O W!  WOW!  W O W!  WOW!  W O W!  WOW!  W O W!  WOW!  W O W!  WOW!  W O W!  WOW!  W O W!  WOW!  W O W!  WOW!”  ~ Cathy

Contact Information

Phone: 206-799-9029

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: (Coming soon)

MC Christensen

MC Christensen, Lab Manager, BATHE

Services: MC possesses a true enthusiasm for essential oils and natural self-care and passionately develops synergies of natural constituents that sooth mind, body and soul!

MC originally started formulating skin care for her daughter during those teenage years (her skin loved it). She expanded her use of aromatherapy and essential oils when her father passed away and stress took over her body like it never had before. She chose a natural course of action to deal with the stress rather than the pill-popping route the doctors recommended. She has never looked back.

As more people are turning to alternative methods of self-care, she is grateful to provide education on natural-healing modalities, as well as all-natural, quality products that truly support health and well-being.

She is dedicated to combining the most naturally occurring therapeutic constituents for the most optimal results. Not only for the body, but also for the mind and soul. She assesses the therapeutic properties, as well as the chemical constituents, within each essential oil. Her expanded knowledge of aromatherapy and essential oils through certification at Bastyr University, allows her to dig much deeper into the support of natural remedies and cultivate that knowledge with others.

She looks forward to sharing her passion in upcoming workshops, and as she continues her alchemy in the lab, discovering remarkable and therapeutically-focused formulas.

For now . . . soak, savor, surrender and ‘BATHE’ yourself in all the goodness.

Contact Information

Phone: 360.771.8770
Website: batheoneself.com
Email: [email protected]