Maureen Rivelle, Reiki Master

Maureen Rivelle, Reiki Master Teacher

Services: Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, Spiritual Teacher, Manager & Owner of Daylight Healing Center

Reiki is spiritually-guided life force energy that goes to the source of the receiver’s need and addresses the whole being with nurturing gentleness. I always am surprised by what Reiki does, how it helps others even when I am unaware of their needs, and how it provides comfort and tranquility. The deep relaxation that flows from Reiki is one of its many benefits.

Reiki is done through touch or to the aura around the body. I place my hands on various areas of the body and the energy flows from Source to the receiver. Sessions also may include sound therapy, crystals and essential oils. I share any intuitive guidance and words of comfort that I receive during your session.

In 2013, after receiving my Reiki Master training, more people began asking me to do sessions for them and to teach them Reiki. I left my RN practice and began doing Reiki sessions and classes in my community.

I am very happy to be able to offer Reiki at Daylight Healing Center at this time. Daylight Healing Center is the result of my dream of a community of healers who bring their own particular gifts, ideas and creativity together to benefit others and each other.

I look forward to offering you Intuitive Reiki as part of your wellness plan!

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