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Tag open hands reiki

10am – 6pm Usui Reiki Master Class/Workshop

Usui Reiki Master Training ClassAre you ready to Teach and Attune others to Reiki? 

This Usui Reiki Master Class/Workshop is for Reiki students who have been practicing Reiki regularly, if not daily, for at least 6 months, and who want to be able to give classes and attune others to this Healing Energy. Being a Reiki Master does not denote the ability to “master” Reiki, just the ability to teach and attune others. There also is a component of self-mastery involved: As an aspiring Reiki Master, you should feel that you have invited and allowed Reiki and Reiki’s Source to begin to change and heal you inside and, that you want to share this amazing modality with the world.

What You Will Learn in the Usui Reiki Master Class

After the Usui Reiki Master Class/Workshop, you will have the ability to attune or initiate others into Reiki, so they can become Reiki practitioners themselves, from Levels 1 through the Master Level. You will have lots of practice time to help you feel capable and understand the process. In addition, you will receive an attunement and some more symbols, including Tibetan symbols, to use in your practice. Finally, you may open a Reiki practice for the public after this class and certification.

I am an affiliate member of the International Center for Reiki Training (Reiki.org) and I use their manuals and guidelines to teach Reiki through the Master level. You will receive a Master Manual in this class.

Prerequisites and Registration

Advanced Reiki Training is offered the day before this class. The Advanced Reiki Training Class is a prerequisite for this class. If Advanced Reiki Training has been taken in the past, qualification is determined by showing your certificate. You may send me a photo of that certificate in an email on the OpenHandsReiki.com website contact page prior to registering.

Register HERE or get even more information on this offering, go to my website. You have the option to take this class/workshop alone or in a bundle with the Advanced Reiki Training class offered on March 10th, 2018. This class is $198 if taken alone. As a bundle, the cost is only $350 for both classes. That’s a $46 savings! Sign up for one or both classes at Brown Paper Tickets — preregistration  is required.

I am honored to teach you Reiki! Thank you!

Maureen Rivelle, RN, RMT

10am – 6pm Advanced Reiki Training Workshop/Class (ART)

Advanced Reiki TrainingAre you ready to advance in your practice of Reiki?

Advanced Reiki Training is a class/workshop for those desiring to build upon and ramp up their Usui Reiki practice for themselves and/or to share with others. It’s for those students of Reiki who have been practicing Reiki consistently for 6 months or longer, and who want to learn new techniques to take their practice to the next level.

What You Will Learn in Advanced Reiki

You will experience a new standing meditation using Reiki to ground and center, how and why to set up a Crystal Grid, Aura Clearing and a Meditation to meet your Reiki Guide, among other useful topics. You will receive a new symbol and an attunement to these higher Reiki frequencies.

Although this class is a pre-requisite for the Reiki Master Class, which I will teach on August 19th, it could be, and frequently is, taken alone. This class is for those students who want to advance in their Reiki practices but haven’t decided to become teachers. I follow the guidelines set by the International Center for Reiki Training (Reiki.org), of which I am an affiliate member.

To get even more info on this offering and to register, go to my website. You may want to take this class/workshop alone or in a bundle with the Master Class given August 19th. Each class is $198 alone. As a bundle, the cost is only $350. That’s a $46 savings! Sign up for one or both classes at Brown Paper Tickets — pre-registration is required.

I am honored to teach you Reiki!

Maureen Rivelle, RN, RMT

9am – 5pm Life-Changing Reiki 1 Workshop

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki 1 training is a gift you give yourself, for a lifetime!

Imagine knowing that no matter what happens to you, where you go or what you believe, you will always have Reiki in your hands and heart, for deep healing and inner guidance.

Reiki is a beautiful and pure, divine energy that is capable of boosting spiritual growth during practice and of healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of the practitioner and recipient. It is the easiest method of healing because there aren’t any complex formulas or exercises involved in its delivery.

I welcome you to come, learn about Reiki, and become a practitioner of Reiki (for yourself and others, including animals!) in this relaxed atmosphere and small workshop! I like to keep these workshops to 9 people maximum, so if you can’t get into the Reiki 1 Workshop this month, be assured that I will be teaching regularly throughout the year. Please try for the next one. You may contact me prior to registration with questions by clicking here.

Reiki 1 is a fundamentals workshop

You will learn:

• the definition of Reiki

• the history of Reiki

• what Reiki can do

• introductory explanation of holistic healing

• the Three Pillars of Reiki

• the five Reiki principles or ideals of Mikao Usui sensei

• channeling Reiki

• the Chakra energy centers

• Byosen scanning of the body to find energy imbalances

• Reiki hand positions for treatment of self and others

• Kenyoku (dry bathing to remove unwanted energies)

• Usui Reiki level 1 attunement and the Reiki 1 symbol

• practice time to become comfortable and begin to sense Reiki during a treatment

The Reiki 1 Attunement, which you will receive in this class, will enable you to give Reiki to yourself, your family and friends for the rest of your life. It is recommended that you practice Reiki regularly, even daily, on yourself for two weeks or more before moving on to take the Reiki 2 workshop.

The cost for the workshop is $198. The price includes a manual written by the International Center for Reiki Training, of which I am a member.  There is a $15 discount if you bring a friend who signs up. Just email me with that friend’s name, and I will refund you the $15 at class.

Because I want to ensure that my students have experienced a one hour Reiki session for themselves, a benefit to attendance in this class is that you will be eligible to receive a one time, hour long Reiki session for only $50!

Pre-registration is required! Classes fill up fast!

Reserve your space by purchasing your ticket by clicking HERE (You will be redirected to Brown Paper Tickets). 

You can read more about Reiki on my OpenHandsReiki.com website, including questions and answers and information about me. Another great source of information is from the International Center for Reiki Training, of which I am an Affiliate member. Their extensive website is Reiki.org. See my reviews on YELP.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you soon in class!

– Maureen Rivelle, RN, RMT


9 – 10:30am YIN Yoga and Reiki…TOGETHER AGAIN!

Yin Yoga and ReikiFind Quiet Peace with YIN Yoga

Back by popular demand! Thank you for the great turnout in May and enthusiasm for a repeat event! Here it is!

We’ll once again begin this special event with an hour of slow-paced YIN yoga, staying close to the earth and moving through grounding, lengthening poses. As muscles begin to release, you’ll also find that a quiet peace envelops your mind.

Rebalance with Reiki healing energy

Resting in Savasana, you’ll experience Reiki, a spiritual healing art through which universal energy is transferred through Maureen’s hands to you, to encourage emotional and physical balance and healing. Registration and prepayment required.

Jeanne is with YogaSpringYoga.com. She is passionate about sharing this ancient art with others, because its effects have changed her life!

Maureen is with OpenHandsReiki.com. She loves healing and wants to give others the opportunity to experience Reiki for themselves.

Click HERE to register and save your spot! You will be redirected to Brown Paper Tickets.

See you soon!

Jeanne and Maureen

7 – 9pm Awesome Reiki Share for Reiki Practitioners

Reiki Share = Awesome, Healing Energy — Multiplied!

Are you a certified Reiki practitioner, at the level 1, 2, Advanced or Master level, who would like to practice with other practitioners of Reiki in a low-key, healing environment? Would you like to meet Reiki practitioners from all walks of life?

Reiki Share

Come Experience and Share the Healing Energy

This Reiki share is led by Maureen Rivelle, RN, and Reiki Master Teacher. Her teaching and private practice is called Open Hands Reiki and is located here at Daylight Healing Center. Maureen has practiced Reiki since 2006 and has seen so many blessings; she would like you to enjoy this bountiful healing energy, too.

We invite all Reiki practitioners, at any level and from any Reiki school, to join us as we give and receive this gift together

We will start with introductions and a short meditation. Then we will proceed to take turns giving and receiving Reiki from the group of practitioners.

Donations of $5-$10 gratefully accepted to help defray costs.

Daylight Healing Center will provide healthful snacks, hot tea and water for you to enjoy.

Let’s practice Reiki and experience the lovely, healing energy together!

Arrive early! Doors are locked at 7:15 PM to avoid interruption.

Thank you!

10am – 2pm 4th Annual OPEN HOUSE!


Daylight Healing Center has added some new health practitioners this year, and we really want you to meet them! And those of us who have been here all along would love to get reacquainted with you! 
If that’s not enough incentive, we’ll be offering DISCOUNTS and drawings for FREE PRIZES!


  • DRAWINGS for free prizes!!
  • Find out how NATURAL, HOLISTIC HEALING and energy work may seriously assist you in your life!
  • See how HYPNOSIS can help you relax and get in tune with your inner guru. 
  • Discover how yoga enables you to AGE GRACEFULLY!
  • Get a FREE PULSE DIAGNOSIS from Joie, our East Asian Medicine provider! 
  • See how Alyssa’s massage practice can help provide RELIEF to your back, neck and other types of pain, and get a FREE 10-MINUTE MASSAGE!
  • Have your eyes opened to the WONDERS of East Asian Medicine and the many ways, including acupuncture, it can help you balance your digestion and other health challenges, and keep you beautiful!
  • Get INSPIRATION from a free, handmade paper crane with a quote inside!
  • Talk horses and EQUINE LEARNING with Stacy!
  • ENJOY COMMUNITY! Get to meet, talk with and maybe even give and receive a little squeeze from your Daylight providers and other Journeyers like you, in the Daylight Community!
Love our Open House!Come join the fun, MEET your friendly neighborhood healers, LEARN more about our services and events, ENJOY complimentary services, and win FREE prizes!

We are looking forward to seeing you at our DHC Open House, 10am – 2pm June 24th!

Event hosts: Maureen Rivelle, RN, RMT of Open Hands Reiki; Jeanne Startzman, CYI of Yoga Spring; Alyssa Owen, LMP of Olympic Massage Therapy;, Joie Jacala, EAMP, L.Ac., MSTOM of Zenjoy Health and Beauty; Lindsey Nguyen, Registered Hypnotherapist of Ascension Hypnosis Center; Elizabeth Stewart, PSYCH-K Facilitator of Guided Alignment; and Dara Wagner, Reiki Master. All of us will be here Celebrating Daylight Healing Center’s 4th year of service to our community! Join us!

1-3pm Horse-Human Connection – Come Hug A Horse

Horse-Human Connection -- Come Hug a Horse

Come out with us to spiritually connect, heart to heart, with gentle horses in Snohomish. Ella and Zea are natural healers and love to share their gift of being able to connect, on a soul level, with people.

By brushing, touching and breathing together with the horse that chooses you, a heart connection will be created that will inform, nourish and inspire you. Last week, I made a deep heart connection with Ella and we entered into a very quiet and deep spiritual place.

Stacy, their human, knows very well that this connection is life-enhancing in many ways, and seems to provide exactly what we need at the time. Some of the horse-human benefits you can experience are:

• Expanded Self-Awareness

• Strengthening of your Intuition

• An Increase of Vitality and Energy

• Enhancement of your Spiritual Connectedness with All of Nature

Stacy will be facilitating, as she has been partnering with Ella and Zea for over 10 years at her spacious Snohomish horse ranch, helping people create that special horse/human bond. She is an Equine Professional and Life Coach. Please see Stacy’s website CentaurDevelopment.com for more information about Stacy and her horse partners. The price is $30.  To register go to: http://www.centaurdevelopment.com/hug-a-horse

This will prove to be a magical and memorable time for each of us. If you love horses, want to be around horses, or are simply drawn to the Spirit of the Horse, you will cherish this learning opportunity. You’ll be able to interact with special horses for a fun, safe and powerful equine and human bonding experience.

We will only take 8 people, so please RSVP soon!

Thank you and I hope YOU can make it!

All You Need is LOVE!

All You Need is LoveWhat is Love?

We expect that with our loved ones, we’d have deep, warm and fuzzy feelings coming from mutual unconditional acceptance and preference for each other.

When those feelings are absent from our hearts, we may question if we truly love them. However, by that definition, we may not love very many, except perhaps our immediate families and cute baby animals.

Emotional vs Expansive Love

Does love need to have emotional feelings or ties to exist at all? Does the heart need to be tugged at, for love to exist?

What if we practiced love as an expansive openness and patience with all beings, an inner tenderness towards everyone and everything? Can love actually be a natural warmth that emanates from the heart outwards, not making the distinction between “other” or “I,” as love is naturally inclusive?

Can we practice love with equanimity and caring, with an acknowledgment that love lives deeply in those eyes you’re peering into, just as it exists within you?

Service-mind Can Bring Us to Love

When we live from a spirit of service to whomever appears before us through our day, all the mental classifications in our minds — all the distinctions between others out there and beloveds close to us — tend to disappear. Indeed, even our feeling of “me-ness” can melt away while operating from an intention to serve all who appear before us. This is because service, by its very nature, is not about our egos needing protection, or mine vs. yours. Service is about love.

What if we lived in the head space of “How may I serve you?” It’s like asking, “How can I love you more? What can I do to bring you further along on your all-important, sacred life path?”

Mine the Depths of Love

Do you want to connect more deeply with your inner life? The way of service naturally dissolves self-directed thought into the calm waters of truly living from the heart. It immediately connects the mind with the true innocence of your precious heart. It lifts you up. It allows you to truly live in love!

May we each choose love over fear. May our world thus change, one decision at a time, to love and serve.

11am – 7pm Reiki 2 Workshop (For Reiki 1 Practitioners!)*

Reiki 2 WorkshopGrow Your Reiki Abilities

Reiki 2 is an in-depth study of Reiki for first level practitioners who want to dig deeper, grow and develop their healing abilities.

What You Will Learn

  • Some review of the Reiki 1 workshop and questions or concerns that may have come up since beginning to practice Reiki
  • Performing distant healing
  • The three Reiki 2 symbols and their uses
  • Koki-ho (sending Reiki with the breath)
  • Gyoshi-ho (sending Reiki with the eyes)
  • Usui Reiki level 2 attunement
  • Practice feeling each of the symbols while giving and receiving Reiki
  • Practice distant healing (Ekanku Chiryo)
  • Beaming
  • More in-depth look at Reiki as a tool for spiritual development and happiness
  • Jacki-kiri Joka-ho (releasing negative energy from objects)

Learn to Heal Over Distance and Time

You will be able to send Reiki to others over distance and time after this spiritually enriching class. You also will have many tools and methods to use Reiki to help others. There will be lots of practice time so you will feel proficient. After this class, I recommend practicing Reiki daily for six months to a year before moving on to Advanced Reiki Training and the Reiki Master levels. You will be able to start a Reiki practice after this class. Reiki shares are encouraged for all levels of practitioners. REGISTER BY CLICKING HERE.

About the Reiki 2 Instructor

Maureen Rivelle has practiced Reiki daily for 11 years, and is a Reiki Master and RN. See her website, OpenHandsReiki.com, to read questions and answers about Reiki.


The cost for this Reiki 2 Workshop is $225. The prerequisite is that you have taken a Reiki 1 class. Register for Reiki 2 HERE. Feel free to contact Maureen with any questions before class. We’re looking forward to working with you! $15 Discount if you refer another student who signs up for this class with you. (Email [email protected] prior to registering if you qualify for the discount.)

Thank you!

Maureen Rivelle, RN
Reiki Master Teacher
Affiliate Member International Center for Reiki Training (Reiki.org)


Pet Healing Acupressure and ReikiGive Your Pet the Gift of Optimal Health

Bring in your fur-baby or other beloved pet to Daylight Healing Center for an Acupressure therapy session by Joie Jacala, LAc, East Asian Medicine Practitioner. Maureen Rivelle, Nurse, Reiki Master Teacher, will then give a Reiki blessing to your animal friend.

Human Touch and Healing Energy

With the power of human touch and healing energy, these two modalities will work together to help relieve suffering from disease, anxiety or treatments as well as contribute to general wellness. And you will enjoy the side benefit of your own healing and wholeness as you relax, focus and watch us help your companion.

This event will be held as a 2-hour clinic, so there will be some waiting time. Chairs will be set up and hot tea will be provided. Reserve your spot today by clicking HERE.